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National I Love You Day

Updated: Jun 8

It's National I Love You Day! There's so many ways to say I Love You, and here's one of them!

Say I Love You with thread!

Gift your creative loved one with an assortment of Variegated threads that will bring you to mind each time they stitch. Or embroider the sentiment on a bookmark, sachet or small pillow. Check out the new Floriani Variegated thread assortment, including this beautiful red and pink mix.

Download your FREE .WAF file below to start creating! If you need the .WAF file to be transferred to a file of choice, follow along in the blog below!

Download ZIP • 75KB

Follow the online video below to learn how to transfer your .WAF files from Clarrisa's Corner!

Until next time, have a Fabulous Floriani Friday Everyone!

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