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Nebraska State Flower

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

It's a great day to create! How about we add to your amazing collection of Floriani State Flowers! Follow the blog below to get a free design, project, and to join in on all the fun!

Today's amazing state is Nebraska! The state flower of Nebraska is the Solidago! A beautiful golden bloom that seems almost too perfect for Spring! Grab your designs with the link below:

Get the past designs with the link below:

Get your project instructions for making a door hanger below:

NE Golden Rod Door Hanging
Download PDF • 4.39MB

If you are creating these fun state flowers with us, please share your projects in our Facebook Group! We would love to follow your journey and encourage you to keep creating!

Now, one of your favorite parts of #FabulousFlorianiFreebieFriday... FUN FACTS!

Fun Facts About Nebraska:

  1. Kool-Aid was invented by Edward Perkins in Hastings, Nebraska.

  2. Spam, the food, is produced in Freemont, Nebraska.

  3. The name Nebraska comes from an American Indian name meaning 'flat water'

  4. The Lied Jungle located in Omaha is the world’s largest indoor rain forest.

  5. The 911 system of emergency communications, now used nationwide, was developed and first used in Lincoln, Nebraska.

That's all for now! Check back next Friday for a new release and state flower! Happy Sewing!

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thank you


Thank you! Love your creativity in the use of state flowers.

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