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Sketching Across America - NJ

We have loved our first two states as we begin to Sketch and Stitch Across America, haven't you?! This week, we are in New Jersey! Below are a few fun facts about New Jersey, and a fun project for you too!

New Jersey Designs
Download ZIP • 883KB
Not My Mothers Apron
Download PDF • 298KB

If you missed a week's #FabulousFlorianiFreebieFriday, simply follow the link below to retrieve your other state designs!

Five Fun Facts About New Jersey:

  1. New Jersey has the highest density population of any state in the U.S.

  2. Beemerville, New Jersey is home to a volcano. While it is no longer active, it is a popular site for real estate development.

  3. If you’ve played the game Monopoly, you are familiar with the names of real streets in Atlantic City.

  4. New Jersey’s state bug is the honeybee.

  5. Square dancing is the state dance.

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Thank you for these beautiful designs.

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