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Non-Destructible File Folders

It's the last day for back to school and we are approaching camping week! So why not do a project that you can use for both?! Use these non-destructible folders for school or to hold your camping directions and details!


  • Paper File Folder

  • Deco Magic (the measurements of your paper file folder) above sample was 11 ½” H x 19” L

  • Deco Lite 5” x 9” for EACH pocket

  • ½ yard of 45” wide fabric (need extra to match stripes or patterns)

  • Thread to match fabric

  • Wonder Clips (or paper clips, or clothes pins)

  • Rotary Cutter, Ruler, Mat

  • Sewing Machine

  • Iron


Fuse fabric to Deco Magic, trim fabric leaving 1” all around the edges

Fuse fabric to Deco Magic Lite, trim fabric leaving top edge 1” and 1” on short side (on 1 right side and on 1 left side)

Press fabric even to the edge of the Deco Magic and the Deco Magic Lite and hold in place with Wonder Clips.

Edge Stitch sides of pockets with matching thread

Place pockets on the inside of folder with raw edges even, fold over fabric on all 4 sides of folder. Hold in place with wonder clips. Edge stitch folded edge. Fold file folder in half, press and you are done!

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