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Patriotic Party Garland

We know it's the Fourth of July weekend, and we are here to help you create!

This may be the best project ever to do with your kiddos or grandchildren! So here we go..

Making a garland costs around $6 depending on if you have fabric or rope/twine. We had lots of scrap fabrics or short cuts of fabric in our warehouse, but had to go buy rope at Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon which made it $4.20! So for less than $5 you can make a 12 ft garland that is perfect for the Fourth!

We measured our rope and began tying our pre-cut random sized/uneven strips. We didn't make a pattern, but it turned into beautiful chaos! With Sydney and Emily making this Garland, it took around 30 minutes. Please expect around 1 hour project time for cutting, sorting, and tying to complete the project with one person. Happy Fourth of July Everyone!

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