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Patriotic Wreath

We only have a few #LaborDay projects for you to finish off this fun holiday, and Clarrisa has brought a unique and fun wreath idea for you to create!


  • 18” wide plain wreath. I used a Willow Wreath

  • Glue Gun with glue sticks

  • One outdoor burlap flag. It can be rectangular or pointed at the bottom. The reason it is an “outdoor” flag is because it is lined with plastic

  • A piece of White wool blend felt about 9”x 13”

  • A piece of RNK Deco Magic regular weight about 9”x 13”

  • A piece of Floriani Wet n Stick about 10”x 14” –I used my 200mm x 300mm hoop (8”x 12”) for all the pieces

  • An Envelope Moistener

  • About Twelve-2” wide wood stars

  • Scraps of red, white and blue fabric to adhere to stars

  • A piece of Quilter’s Select Appli-Web Plus about 8”x 8”

  • Parchment paper

  • Floriani “Americana Applique” design set (optional) If you’re into Americana you need this design set. It’s so cute!


  • If you choose to use other designs you will need about 5 different designs. I’ve included 5 designs that I’ve digitized for you to use if you choose. I’ve also included the lettering embroidery designs to spell out USA.

  • Floriani Embroidery thread in colors of your choice. Of course Red, White and Blue is best for this project!

  • Bobbin thread

  • Digital Cutter (optional)

  • 2 pieces of fabric 9”x 12” or equivalent single piece for the bow. (optional)

  • A piece of RNK Deco Magic regular weight about 9”x 12” for bow and 2 pieces of Quilter’s Select Appli-Web Plus 9”x 12” or one equivalent piece (optional)

  • Standard Sewing thread to coordinate with bow fabric

  • A small piece of Floriani Heat n Stay for bow ends

  • An Open toe applique foot for your machine for stitching around bow

Download the full instructions and designs below:

Patriotic Embroidered Wreath (1)
Download PDF • 508KB
Download ZIP • 362KB
wreath designs
Download ZIP • 836KB

Or watch the full tutorial below!

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