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Pencil Pouch

We are wrapping up Back to School week and we are so excited to share this project by Clarrisa! Follow the instructions below!


  • 1/3 Yard of main fabric (if you choose to embroider or ¼ yard if your aren’t embroidering)

  • Scraps of fabric if you choose to do an applique

  • 2 pieces RNK Sew Fab Foam 5 ½”x11 ½”

  • 12” Zipper

  • Standard Sewing thread to coordinate with main fabric

  • Floriani Embroidery Thread if you choose to embroider

  • Quilter’s Select Glue Stick

  • RNK Turning tool

  • 2 pieces Floriani Heat n Sta 10”x13” if you choose to embroider


  • Two pieces of main fabric 10”x13” if you choose to embroider front and back

  • Two pieces of main fabric 5 ½”x11 ½” if you’re not embroidering

Embroidery: (optional)

1. Fuse one Heat n Sta 10”x13” piece to back of one piece of the main fabric and hoop in

5”x7” hoop (130x180mm)

2. Prepare your embroidery design. I used a free design from Floriani Total Control, April

2018 and added lettering using the “Child’s Play” font spelling out “Writing Tools”. On

the back I used the same font and put the child’s name.

3. Following color changes and applique technique, stitch out design.

4. BEFORE YOU REMOVE FROM HOOP, using the marks on your hoop, mark with small

marks the vertical and horizontal centers on the main fabric. Remove from hoop.

5. Remove Heat n Sta.

6. Press from the back side. If you press from the front use a pressing cloth.

7. Using the vertical and horizontal marks on the main fabric, cut piece to measure 5 ½”x11

½”. Measure 2 ¾” on both sides of the vertical center to know where to cut. Likewise,

measure 5 ¾” on both sides of the horizontal center to know where to cut.

8. Repeat above process if you choose to embroider on the back of the case.


1. Fuse RNK Sew Fab Foam to backs of both main fabric 5 ½”x11 ½” pieces. Press from the

fabric side.

2. Using either your sewing machine or serger, edge finish one long edge of each 5 ½”x11

½” piece.

3. Using your Quilter’s Select Glue stick, place glue on one side of the zipper tape. Glue right

sides together (zipper teeth down), ¼” down from long edge of one main piece. The

zipper start will be at the left and the excess zipper will be on the right. See photo

4. Using your zipper foot, stitch zipper to top edge of main piece close to zipper teeth. You

will need to move your needle to the far left.

5. Turn zipper away from main piece. Move zipper foot and needle to opposite side. Edge

stitch along folded edge catching zipper tape edge below. Stitch again ¼” away from

edge stitching this time catching the seam allowance below. See photo

6. Repeat steps 3-5 for opposite side of zipper and remaining main piece. This time you will

be stitching from the excess end of zipper toward zipper pull end.


8. Folding pieces in half along zipper, place main pieces right sides together and pin.

9. Using a ½” seam allowance, stitch around the 3 raw edges. Stitch over zipper at both ends

back stitching at both ends. See photo below

10. Trim excess zipper end to about 1”.

11. Edge finish 3 raw edges.

12. Clip both corners at a 45 degree angle.

13. Turn right sides out and push corners out with your RNK turning tool.

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