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Pennsylvania State Flower

Updated: Jun 14

It's #FabulousFlorianiFreebieFriday, where we provide a free design and project idea for you! Today's flower is the Mountain Laurel in the great state of Pennsylvania!

Today, you are going to download your designs and project instruction's by following the link below!

For all past designs, please use the following link:

Up next, your favorite segment - FUN FACTS! This week we have 10 fun facts for you, because Pennsylvania is filled with fun history!

10 Fun Facts:

  1. The state insect is the firefly.

  2. The oldest gas station in the US is located in Altoona.

  3. The nation's oldest golf course is located in Clarion.

  4. The first department store in the U.S. was located in Philadelphia. It was called Wanamaker's.

  5. One weird Pennsylvania law forbids singing in the bathtub. Another forbids the sweeping of dirt underneath a rug.

  6. The official state beverage is milk.

  7. The first baseball stadium was built in Pittsburgh.

  8. The nation's first hospital was the Philadelphia Hospital founded in 1751. It has an amphitheater and a medical library!

  9. The first daily newspaper was published in Philadelphia in September of 1784!

  10. We all LOVE chocolate, right?! Well, the Hershey's headquarters is located in this great state!

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