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Personalized Treasures Update

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

If you missed Clarrisa's Corner last week, don't worry! We have a recap with updated designs for you! Follow the blog below to learn how to create personalized holiday treasures, follow the link to see the tutorial, and download your designs!

Download your updated designs in the file below:

design updates
Download • 41KB

If you are looking to transfer your .WAF files into a different format, you can follow the link below to download our Creative Express Software!

Clarrisa has created a tutorial video on how to easily transfer your files so that you can start creating! See the video below!

Follow the link below to see this episode of Clarrisa's Corner:

Don't forget to follow our pages, and join our groups:

We hope you love creating personalized holiday treasures this Winter season! Until next time, Happy Sewing and Happy Creating, everyone!

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