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Pet Gifts on Clarrisa's Corner

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Tomorrow is a new episode of Clarrisa's Corner, and she has three fun projects for you to make and give as gifts to your pets! Are you ready to create?!

Clarrisa's Corner will be on Thursday at 4:30 PM EST! This week, she is teaching us how to create a cat cave, a collar, and a hanger for your leash or collar!

Download your printable instructions for your Cat Cave:

Cat Cave
Download PDF • 543KB

Download your printable instructions for your Collar:

Download PDF • 704KB

Download your printable instructions for your Hanger:

Hoop Hangar for your Doggie Stuff
Download PDF • 1.06MB

Here's an exclusive True Type Font for Cat Cave Tutorial:

Here's an exclusive video on how to create your Hoop Hanger:

Download your Hoop Hanger Design below:

hoop hangar
Download ZIP • 43KB

We can't wait to see you tomorrow for the LIVE tutorial on our Floriani Embroidery Facebook Page at 4:30 PM EST! Follow the link below to view the LIVE:

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