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Pinwheel's for Labor Day

Let's roll into Labor Day with these adorable pinwheels for your yard, camper, or socially distant cookout this Labor Day! Kim Towne has an amazing tutorial below!


  • 8 ½” square of cotton fabric

  • 8 ½” square of Embellish® Heat Transfer Foil

  • 8 ½” square of RNK Deco Magic® Lite

  • (1) 3/8” x 12” wooden dowel

  • (1) Furniture Nail (Upholstery Tack)

  • Embellish® Vinyl Weeding Tool

  • Quilters Select™ Rulers:

8” x 88-1/2” x 8-1/23X 12
  • Quilters Select™ Rotary Cutter

  • Quilters Select™ Cutting Mat

  • Quilters Select™ Self Erase Marker

  • 1/8” Hole punch hammer


  • Use the 8 ½” x 8 ½” ruler, rotary cutter and mat to cut the fabric, heat transfer foil,and the Deco Magic lite.

  • Press the fabric to the adhesive side of the Deco Magiclite. Then fuse the Heat Transfer Foil to the other side of the Deco Magiclite.

  • Trim down to 8” x 8” using the 8” x 8” ruler, rotary cutter and mat.

  • Use the Self Erase Marker and the 3” x 12” ruler to mark a 4 ½” line from each corner towards the center of the square.

  • Use the rotary cutter and a ruler to cut along the marked line, giving you four triangle shapes pieces that remain attached in the middle.

  • On the right side only of each triangle, make a hole with the hole punch about ½” from the point.

  • Fold each corner towards the center and tack with the furniture nail to the dowel. DONE!These pinwheels are a quick and easy project. Make them in different sizes for all kinds of fun

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