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Power Tools with Cookie

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Tomorrow is a brand-new episode of Coffee with Cookie, and she will be teaching us about her super power - sewing and embroidery! Her Power Tools are feet, guides, cleaning brush, and screwdriver to change them all! Follow the blog below for more information, project instructions, and designs!

First things first, let's download our project instructions:

Download ZIP • 952KB

Next, let's download the embroidery files:

Download ZIP • 136KB

Finally, download your templates below:

Download ZIP • 254KB

We hope you love making this project, and don't forget that Cookie Gaynor will go LIVE, tomorrow, at 4:30 PM EST!

Follow the link below to watch or replay the tutorial:

As always, Happy Sewing and Happy Creating Everyone!

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Ella B.
Ella B.

Thank you Cookie for the fun project!

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