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Pumpkin Hoops

Clarrisa has done it again with another amazing #fall project for you! This is the perfect addition to your home décor needs and wants! Ready to create it? Follow the tutorial below!


• 3 hand embroidery hoops of various sizes. I used an 8 ½”, 6 ½” and 5 ¼” hoop.

The embroidery designs can be adjusted for whatever size hoops you have.

• 1 yard of fabric for the background. Use a “vintage” looking fabric. I used a loosely woven linen. Monks Cloth, osnaburg, burlap, twill, linen, drill and Waffle weave fabric all work well. Make sure the fabric isn’t too thick like canvas as you will need to hoop it. I found quite a few fabrics in the Utility section of fabrics at Joann’s.

• Spray Starch

• Various scraps of fabric in oranges for pumpkins, browns for the stems and greens for the leaves. I ended up purchasing 1/8th of a yard of about 7 different prints for the oranges as I didn’t have many scraps.

• 1 yard of ¾” wide grosgrain ribbon to join the hoops to together on the back and create a loop for hanging.

• Glue gun and extra glue

• A piece of RNK Sew Fab Foam about 15”x15”

• Floriani Embroidery thread and bobbin thread

• Floriani Heat n Gone topper- This is generally used as a topper. For this project we are going to use it as a stabilizer. The roll is generally 10” wide and you will be using a hoop about 200mmx300mm. 10” isn’t wide enough for the width of this hoop so you will use 2 pieces for each hooping. You will need to hoop 3 times for the 3 pumpkins so you will need about 80”x10” (the width of the roll). You can get Heat n Gone in a 20” wide roll which works out better for this project. You’ll only need 40” of a 20”wide roll.

Video Tutorial Below!!

Pumpkin Fun Hoops
Download PDF • 1.52MB

leaf-pumpkin 1
Download ZIP • 282KB

leaves-pumpkin 2
Download ZIP • 370KB

leaves-pumpkin 3
Download ZIP • 479KB

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1 commentaire

Birdie Cade
Birdie Cade
12 oct. 2020

Sew cute!!

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