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Quilting School 101

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Today in Quilting School 101, I want to tell you a little story and how our sweet educator, Judy, came to my rescue. Welcome to Quilting School 101, Class is in session!

As you can see in the picture to the left, we are talking about t-shirt quilts today! I am a BIG fan of t-shirt quilts. My mother gave my brother and I both a memorable t-shirt quilt when we were both seniors in high school. It was composed of all kinds of crazy shirts from our years in school. Cool right?

Since then, this has become almost a craze! It's a simple and easy project for most experienced quilters that includes just a few needed materials and products to make. Well, this year, I decided to have a University of Tennessee t-shirt quilt made in honor of my husband graduating in the class of 2020!

It was a great plan! I sent off the t-shirts to be made into the quilt, as I am not a quilter myself, and we grew anticipation of this fun and memorable gift! But, I had an unfortunate circumstance happen when our quilter sent us the picture of the final project. The quilter accidentally used the back of a fishing jersey, for The University of Tennessee's team, that was leftover from a previous year and did not have my husbands last name on it. We had a good laugh about it!

After having a good laugh about it, I decided to ask around work (RNK Distributing) to see if anyone knew how to fix a quilt. To my surprise, not many people know anyone that "fix quilts". Well, to my saving rescue came our sweet educator, Judy Fredenburgh! Judy knew exactly how to fix it and fixed it in a little over 2 weeks during her busy schedule with our new live virtual events. So to share the wealth of knowledge on how to fix the quilt, let's begin with some before and after photos!

Here is a detailed photo of the before moment...

Here it is after Judy fixed it!

Now how to fix your very own quilt instructions with Quilting School 101:

Step 1) took a picture of the "name" that needed to be fixed

Step 2) placed tissue paper over the name and traced the stippling that was over the "original name"

Step 3) measured the actual quilt where the name was

Step 4) Used FTC-U to create alphabet letters the same size to match the letters in the pictures of the wrong name

Step 5) test sewed the lettering out and made adjustments, laid over original design to make

sure all letters were same size, and width

Step 6) backed a piece of white fabric with Dream Weave Ultra

Step 7) Hooped white fabric with white No Show Mesh

Step 8) Embroidered new name

Step 9) Folded white fabric into a tube, turned right side out, and tucked the ends in

Step 10) Stitched close to the edge of the "white rectangle" all around

Step 11) hand stitched the new name in place with Quilter Select 80wt thread

Step 12) placed the traced stippling design over the new name

Step 13) used matching thread to the original stippling and stitched thru the tissue paper to connect all of the stippling

Step 14) used a hand needle and buried all the thread ends in quilt

Please enjoy the gallery below of the finished project:

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Very nice quilt. Thanks for posting.

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