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Repair A Quilt

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Have you ever purchased or maybe inherited a vintage quilt? Was it damaged or tinted? Well, Martie Sandell is ready to teach you how to repair a quilt and bring new life to it! Download your PDF instructions below!

Intro to Quilt-final 10-24-20
.- corected
Download - CORECTED • 2.64MB

Although I love quilts, it is my son, who was then 11, who taught me to truly LOVE them! I spent much of his childhood teaching classes at major quilt seminars around the country. He traveled with me one year to the Vermont Quilt Festival. I recall him wanting me to read each description of those on display. I was then called to one of the antique quilt booths of a vendor. An 1880 bow tie quilt attracted me because of the myriad of prints all pieced together and quilted on a wool batt.

The colors were amazing and Clay approved, wanting to take it home. He had tears in his eyes when it was placed on his bed. I explained it was over 100 years old and fragile in every way. That it needed to be rolled to the foot of his bed at night. A few days later I passed his room only to find him wrapped “snug as a bug in a rug”. My response, “Oh, Clay.” Naturally he responded. “But, Mama, it makes me sleep so good!” I then knew what quilts are meant to do and this child taught me what no class ever could! The quilt above is not that beloved quilt (it was loved too much to survive). It is a quilt made by someone with love.

All the blocks are intact, except for 9 red bows. I now can add love to this quilt by repairing those red bows. This lesson is meant for you to bring back to life those “loved quilts” you may wish to give another life. I found this at an estate sale and watched a lady carefully looking it over. After minutes she moved away. I grabbed it. Price $20! Less than the 1880’s one, but the perfect homecoming gift for our son. I’ll tag it, “Roll up tight, and sleep so good.” Note- Although the instructions picture a Bow Tie Quilt repair, the process is the same for any quilt. Use these directions, identifying your quilt inside the software pattern options.


  • QS Para Cotton Poly Thread (80wt.)

  • Floriani Quilting Needles

  • QS Applique Scissors

  • Floriani Template Tearaway Sheets

  • QS Fabric Prep (optional)

  • Floriani Wet N Gone Tacky Sheets

  • RNK Stitch Perfection Tape

  • RNK Embroidery Perfection Tape

  • FTCU or Total Quilter Software

  • QS Rotary Cutter and Mat

Ready to learn what to look for in an old quilt, applique over damaged pieces, using FTCU to create printable templates, and more? Then don't forget to download your instructions and the full article below!

Intro to Quilt-final 10-24-20
.- corected
Download - CORECTED • 2.64MB

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