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Reversible Picnic Place mat

It's Picnic and BBQ week here at Create with RNK! Clarissa has another amazing project for you!

Download your printable instructions:

Reversible Picnic Placemat (002)
Download PDF • 185KB


• ½ yard of two 45” prints - one for each side of place mat (makes 2 place mats)

• Two pieces of Floriani Heat N Sta® Fleece 12”x 18” (for 2 place mats)

• Spool of Floriani® Embroidery Thread to coordinate with prints

for decorative stitching (optional)

• Spool of standard sewing thread to coordinate with prints

• Quilters Select® Glue Stick

• RNK Turning Tool

• Pressing cloth

• Fabric marker

• Pins


Cut a piece 13 ¼” x 19 ¼” out of each print - for place mat

Cut a piece 4 ½” x 13” out of each print - for pockets

Make sure you have a piece of Heat N Sta Fleece 12” x 18” cut for each place mat


1. Fold 4 ½” x 13” piece in half, right sides together along the narrow side. Pin around 3 raw

edges. You will have a piece 6 ½” x 4 ½”.

2. With a ¼” seam, start stitching at a fold end for about 2”. Tie off stitching and begin again

about 2” from where you ended, leaving a hole for turning the pocket. Continue stitching

around remaining 2 edges. Repeat for other pocket.

3. Trim off the 2 stitched corners at an angle.

4. Using your RNK Turning Tool, turn pockets right side out and press flat turning the opening along the ¼” seam line. Leave open.


1. Place one piece of place mat fabric, right side up on pressing surface. Center one piece of Heat N Stay Fleece, fusible side down on top of place mat fabric. The place mat fabric will extend about 5/8”

beyond fleece.

2. With iron on cotton setting, place a pressing cloth on top of the fleece and press fleece to the place mat fabric. Hold iron in place over the entire surface of the fleece to press fleece to fabric.

3. In the bottom right corner of fabric with fleece and contrasting fabric, mark 1 ¼” from the right

edge and bottom edge of corner. Make mark about 6” long. This is where you will place pocket.

4. Using your Quilters Select glue stick, apply glue to 3 stitched edges of pocket, not the fold edge.

5. Place pocket within marks in bottom right corner with fold side at top.

6. Wind bobbin and thread machine with standard sewing thread.

7. Edge stitch around 3 stitched sides of pocket leaving the fold side open for pocket.

8. Wind bobbin and thread machine with standard sewing thread.

9. Place contrasting piece of place mat fabric right sides together on fabric with fleece and pin around four edges of the place mat.

10. Stitch, leaving an opening for turning, with a 5/8” seam allowance around 4 sides of place mat.

11. Trim off the 4 stitched corners at an angle.

12. Using your RNK Turning Tool to turn the corners, turn place mat to right side.

13. Press flat turning opening along 5/8” seam line. Leave open.

14. Using a coordinating standard thread, edge stitch around all 4 sides stitching opening closed as you stitch around.


1. Wind a bobbin and thread your machine with the coordinating Floriani Embroidery Thread.

2. Choose a decorative stitch to place around outside edge. Choose a stitch that’s not

too complicated so it will stitch

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