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Rhode Island State Flower

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

What a beautiful and cold day here in Tennessee to create another Floriani State Flower! Today, we are creating an Arm Caddy with our Rhode Island Blue Violet Design! Are you ready?! Let's Create!

Download your printable instructions:

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Download your Rhode Island state flower design in the link below:

Download all past designs in the link below or visit our blog page for designs and instructions:

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Now that we are ready to create another beautiful state flower, who's ready to learn some fun and interesting facts?!

Fun Facts About Rhode Island:

  1. The only nuclear explosion to ever happen in the U.S. outside of a controlled environment happened in Wood River, R.I. in 1964.

  2. Mr. Potato Head was named as the official “family-travel ambassador” of Rhode Island in 2000.

  3. Newport is home to the country’s oldest continually used library, the Redwood Library.

  4. If you’re neighbor gets caught having more than 11 permanent vehicles in front of their house, it’s a misdemeanor.

  5. Originally rotated by huge draft horses, the watch hill, R.I. carousel, the flying horse carousel, is the oldest in the country, built in 1850.

  6. The state’s full, unabbreviated name, Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, is the longest state name.

  7. Though the sport never grew to huge popularity among Americans, the first American outdoor polo match was held in Rhode Island in 1876.

  8. Brown University was named after Rhode Islander Nicholas Brown, one of the key leaders in ratifying the Constitution.

  9. Over 400 Rhode Islands can fit inside of Alaska, and almost 4,000 can fit in America.

  10. In 1774, Newport became home to the country’s first official circus performance.

We hope you love this design and creating another beautiful state flower! Did you love the fun facts about Rhode Island? It seems like a really fun state! Come back next Friday for another release, and if you're new here - check out our blog for other free designs! Until next time, Happy Creating and Happy Sewing Everyone!

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