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Rooting for the Rooster

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Don't you love fun, summer decor? If you're like me you also love that Southern Rooster kitchen decor! Well, here's a way to kick that up a notch!

This project is inspired by Debbie Homer. Isn't that awesome? So let's talk about things you will need for this project!

  1. Embellish Matte Thread (For the Quilted Stitching and Outside Stitch)

  2. Your left over buttons in the jar we all know you have!

  3. Twine

  4. Your favorite fabrics!

  5. Hot Glue (if you would like to hot glue the twine to the buttons and back!

  6. Quilters Select Rotary Cutter for precise cuts

  7. Rooster and Flower Patterns (unless you love free hand)

  8. Quilters Select Soft Blend Batting

  9. Floriani Wet N Gone Stabilizer

  10. Hoops to Embroider the Free Standing Lace

  11. If you choose to use Color Keep Topping Floriani has a great selection!

  12. RNK Distributing Fun With Flowers Design CD for leaves

After you stitch your design in your hoop, cut away the bulk of the stabilizer. If you would like the free standing lace to be a little stiff, you don't have to rinse all of the stabilizer out. But, typically, we like to rinse it all away with warm water. If you would like the lace to be soft, rinse the stabilizer completely in warm water, or soak it in warm water. But, do not let it dry out until you are sure your stabilizer is gone!

To find out if you still have stabilizer in your pattern, you can blot it dry and squeeze it in your hand to feel the stiffness and tackiness. The free standing lace is the hardest part of this project. So, now that you have your free standing lace you can begin assembling your rooster! Once you have your patterns of the flowers and rooster cut out, it becomes simple assembly!

Once you complete your rooster, this project becomes the cutest door knob hanger, front door accessory, cabinet decor, or you can even make miniature versions for a cooler version of a gift "bow". The possibilities are endless! Get creative and design your own rooster! Send us pictures if you create a rooster or let us know what you think of this project!

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How does one get this rooster pattern?

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