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Sketch-A-Stitch Tutorials with Shinae

Hey there! It's Shinae from Floriani! I wanted to bring you a few tutorials that go with our peach cobbler towel which you can find in the following link:

First, let's learn how to edit with Sketch-A- Stitch. This is a Floriani Software stand alone program that allows you to convert drawings within the software into embroidery stitches! This amazing new software can be used with any Embroidery Machines. Create specific stitch designs on the fly and on-screen! Follow along below:

Now, let's learn how to add the text! Follow along in the video below:

Thanks for joining Floriani on this fun tutorial! Let's us know if you love using our latest software, Sketch-A-Stitch, and if you'd like to see more tutorials too! Happy Creating and Happy Sewing Everyone!

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