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Snappy Card Case

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Tomorrow is a new, amazing episode of Coffee with Cookie! She will be teaching us how to create a beautiful and useful Snappy Card Case! Follow the blog below to download your assets, and don't forget, Cookie will go LIVE at 4:30 PM EST on Wednesday!

First things first, let's download our templates in the file below:

Download ZIP • 281KB

Next, download your SVG Files below:

SVG Files
Download ZIP • 8KB

Finally, download your directions below:

Download ZIP • 1.05MB

Cookie will go LIVE at 4:30 PM EST, tomorrow, Wednesday the 10th on our Embellish Embroidery Page! Follow the link below to watch it live or re-watch any episodes at your convenience!

As always, Happy Sewing and Happy Creating Everyone!

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