Sparkly Lace Clutch

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Hey everyone! My name is Clarrisa and I have a fun, sewing project to get you ready to be a wedding guest, create a wedding gift, or even make the perfect gift for your bridal party!


  • Purchased plain clutch

  • Freestanding lace design or lace design that can be sewn on Organza

  • Floriani thread to stitch your chosen design

  • Floriani Wet n Gone stabilizer to fit hoop 4 times for freestanding lace or 2 times for lace stitched on Organza

  • RNK Perfect Grip Tape

  • RNK Battery Powered Rhinestone Setter

  • Swarovski Crystals

  • “Jewel It” glue by Alenes

  • Piece of wax or parchment paper to cover clutch

  • If you choose to stitch a lace design on Organza you will need a piece of Organza the size of your hoop. You will also need the RNK Heat Craft Tool.

Prepare Embroidery Design:

1. You will need to fill the plain area on the clutch with your lace embroidery design. Measure the area on the clutch where you would like to place your lace leaving about a ½” around the edges.

2. In your software you will need to arrange your lace designs to fit the measured area. In Floriani Total Control Software you can use the shape drawing tool and draw a rectangle on your screen and resize it to make it the size of the measured area. On the clutch I created I used a different technique on each side. You decide if you want to embroider Freestanding Lace or stitch lace on Organza and cut it out.

· For the Freestanding Lace design, I used the “Lace Borders” design set by Floriani. In my software I opened my chosen design, copied and pasted it. I then mirrored it horizontally and moved it close to the original. I combined both of the designs and resized them to fit into the rectangle drawn on the screen.