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Spring Sewing, Summer Growing

We LOVE Spring and Summer! These beautiful seasons are always revolving around Spring cleaning, getting organized, showing off those fun-popping colors, and of course... give us all the florals! Now you can create 12, Brand New Projects that scream Spring Sewing, Summer Growing with License to Create's latest kit!

Through your local dealer, you can get a kit with everything you need to create these 12 amazing projects!

You will receive instructions, designs, materials to build (minus your fabric choices), and even tutorials!

Plus, you can join the License to Create community upon registration! We have an amazing Facebook group that you will be invited to once you purchase your kit!

Learn how members are creating their projects, see their fabric choices, and encourage each other, all while sewing your favorite projects!

Follow the link below to locate your local dealer, or feel free to reply to this blog and we will help you reserve your kit!

Please see a brief video on our amazing projects, plus a gallery to view all 12 projects below! We can't wait for you to become Licensed to Create! Happy Sewing!

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