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Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Cookie has prepared an amazing lesson this week for Coffee with Cookie! Let's follow the blog below to see what she has in-store!

The first project Cookie will be teaching is how to add a padded liner and quick zipper tabs to give the final details for most zipper bags on the market, including box style bags.

The software demo will include different ways to add non-stop stitching with the Embellish Maker software. An easy-to-understand basic primer on creating End-to-end, Edge-to-Edge, Continuous-Line Quilting Styles or a redwork/outline embroidery motif without stops.

Plus, Cookie has included a BONUS LESSON with Embellish Maker software: how to use Embellish Maker auto tools to create continuous quilting.

You can view the LIVE tutorial on our Embellish Embroidery Facebook Page in the following link on Wednesday the 4th at 4:30 PM EST:

Finally, download all of your assets in the file below!

All Files
Download ZIP • 1.30MB

As always, Happy Sewing and Happy Creating, Everyone!

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