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Utah State Flower

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

It's another great week for a #florianistateflower and this week is the Sego Lily from Utah!

Every week of 2021 we have given you a state flower design and project! Which one has been your favorite? Is there a project you want to see next? Let us know!

This week our project is a special and beautiful idea! A walker caddy bag! Download your project instructions in the link below:

Download PDF • 876KB

Don't forget to join our Facebook Group and share your creations:

And of course our contest is not over yet!

Now, download this week's Sego Lily design in the link below:

Who's ready for some fun facts about Utah?! We all know how beautiful it is whether we have traveled there, or seen the gorgeous pictures! But, do we know these facts?

Fun Facts About Utah:

  1. There is a town in the center of Utah called levan. It is navel spelled backwards, and is called that for being the "belly button" of the state.

  2. Salt Lake City is home to the leading national rubber duck manufacturer.

  3. Utah had the nation's first department store, Zion's Cooperative Mercantile Institution.

  4. Rainbow Bridge is a natural sculptured carved of sandstone and it is the largest natural-rock span. It stands at 278 ft wide and 309 ft high.

  5. Utah's Little Hollywood, the town of Kanab, hosts a large number of motion pictures filmed in that area every year.

  6. Utah has the highest literacy in the nation.

  7. Utah is the only state who's capital is three words, and it used to be more! (Salt Lake City)

  8. Most of the mountain, river, city, and park names in Utah came from Native American tribes.

  9. In the mountains, the average snowfall is 500 inches

  10. The Mormon temple in Salt Lake City took more than 40 years to complete.

We hope you loved these fun facts, project, and free design! We can't wait to see what state will be released next week! Until then, Happy Sewing and Happy Creating!

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