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Washington State Flower

It's Fabulous Floriani Freebie Friday! We are loving our new series, Sketching Across America! This week, we are introducing the Washington State Flower, Rhododendron!

Download your designs and instructions below:

Washington Kitchen Towel
Download PDF • 216KB
Washington Designs
Download ZIP • 1.16MB

Kitchen towels are a quick and easy decoration that makes the perfect gift. This towel is from All About Blanks.

1. Hoop Perfect Stick tearaway shiny side up. Score the paper and remove the protective paper.

2. Using a ruler and a Quilters Select Self Erase Marker, Mark where you want the center of your design on your Towel.

3. Lay the marked center, lay your towel on the Perfect Stick Tearaway.

4. The linen towel doesn’t have pile to it, so you can use Water Soluble Topping. Tape the Topper in place using Embroidery Perfection Tape.

Topper helps raise the stitches of the design to stand on top of the fabric.

5. Embroidery your desired design.

6. After it is done, pull the topper off the topper off the design. Tweezers help pluck the little pieces out. You can also wash it out.

7. Pull the excess Perfect Stick Tearaway from the back of the towel. I find it easier to remove if I lay a damp cloth on it first. It helps loosen the stabilizer.

Your towel is ready to hang in your kitchen

You can also download your designs by using the following link:

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1 Comment

Oct 08, 2021

Love your State Flowers and appreciate your efforts in offering them. Is there any possibility that there will be Fun Facts for Washington State? Thank you.

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