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Wisconsin State Flower

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

If you saw our blog this morning, you're probably wondering why we are giving you a different flower? Well, Missouri wasn't ready yet! So let's head over to Wisconsin!

Today's design download:

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Journal Cover Project Instructions:

WI Wood Violet
Download PDF • 9.11MB

Things To Do:

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  2. Enter our Floriani State Flower Sketching Across America Giveaway!

Fun Facts About Wisconsin:

  1. Green Bay is the toilet paper capital of the world

  2. The world's largest mustard collection is in Mount Horeb

  3. Monroe is the Swiss Cheese Capital of the world

  4. Two River's, WI is the home of the ice cream sundae

  5. The state is nicknamed the Badger State - which refers to the lead miners that traveled for work

  6. Bloomer, WI is the jump rope capital of the world

  7. The Noah’s Ark Water Park in the Dells is the largest water park in the United States

  8. 90 percent of the milk from Wisconsin cows is used to make cheese. The state has more dairy cattle per square mile than any other state.

  9. Wisconsin prohibited the sale and use of margarine starting from 1895 to 1967. It is still illegal in some cities and some restaurants will not serve it.

  10. Wisconsin is the no.1 exporter of cranberries, sweet corn, ginseng, and second-largest exporter of whey in the United States.

We hope you have an amazing weekend in your sewing room! We do apologize about the change in Floriani State Flowers today, but we will be back on track next week! Happy Creating Everyone!

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