Back to School Projects

Is it crazy that it's already time to have our Back to School Projects blog?! Where did Summer go? Well, good thing we have lots of inspiration for you and your sweet kiddos as they head off into the months of August and September for school!

The Chalkboard:

When your kiddos first day of school rolls around, you know what to do! Take that photo they dread showing what year, who's their teacher, how old they are, favorite color..etc!

The best way to do that? Create your own chalkboard and customize it to your child or grandchild! It will be even more special for the pictures, and it's a one-of-a-kind!

Download your project instructions with the link below:

Multipurpose Little Bag

This is a necessity! The Multipurpose Little Bag is perfect for carrying your Chapstick, phone, germ-x, and everything you have to have on a school day!

Follow the link below to see how our wonderful Floriani Educator, Debbie Homer, create this project and see the instructions to create your own!